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PreVue: Play With Your Baby Before She Is Born

PreVue: Play With Your Baby Before She Is Born

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I don’t get it. This is one of those designs that could change the lives of expectant parents everywhere. Why isn’t the Internet blowing up with this? I don’t know. If you are a mother or father, you probably remember the excitement you felt the first time you were able to see a picture of your baby on the monitor in the doctor’s office. If I remember right, I was able to experience that two or three times during my own pregnancy. There is nothing like the feeling of getting to meet your unborn child for the first time.

If this concept design becomes a reality, which I hope it does, parents will be able to engage and get to know their unborn child on a more personal level, before he or she is born, at home. Melody Shiue, a designer from South Wales, designed this product called PreVue. It’s a display technology that the expectant mother can wear around her stomach. It not only allows the parents to watch the growth of their baby, but it also allows them to gather insight on the baby’s personality since it shows intimate details like the baby rolling around, sleeping, yawning, smiling, laughing, etc… The screen allows the mother or father to gently tap on it, and then watch the baby’s reaction and reflexes.

This device will also help fathers to feel more bonded to their baby before he or she is born also. What a wonderful feeling to know all this could be potentially experienced anytime at home without having to wait until a monthly doctor’s visit. I only have one question, and maybe I’m just missing something here. Since it displays the images on the screen, which is in front of the mother, how will she bend he body in order to get good look at the baby? Hmm…

Home Fetal Visualization Device

Home Fetal Visualization Device

Home Fetal Visulaization Device

Prevue Home Ultrasound System

Prevue Home Ultrasound System

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