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popSLATE E-Ink Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Double-Sided Smartphone

popSLATE E-Ink Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Double-Sided Smartphone

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It seems everyone is talking about the rumored flexible iWatch that Apple is supposedly working on right now. The e-ink screen is another one of those rumored devices that is being talked about a lot these days. There are a few products out there that are already using this technology, even though it’s just in black and white right now. It’s an interesting technology and one that could make our gadgets way thinner. The popSLATE e-ink iPhone case is one of those, and it’s amazingly impressive.

The popSLATE e-ink iPhone case will actually turn your iPhone into a double-sided smartphone with quite an interesting array of features. The advantage with e-ink screens is that they don’t consume a lot of power. As far as quality goes though, they are not even comparable with the touchscreens and the desktop screens that we are used to today. However, the e-ink screens still have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to this new popSLATE e-ink iPhone case.

It comes with an iPhone app that will enable you to turn the backside of your iPhone into a photo frame basically. You just quickly snap a photo with the popSLATE app and then add it to your popSLATE slideshow (or as a static picture). You will be able to showcase your life on a locked iPhone device without any difficulty whatsoever.

The popSLATE was actually a Kickstarter project not too long ago, but it was successfully funded so it is now a product that you can actually get, or pre-order that is. You can pre-order one for $119.00, and I guess they are just working out the kinks and ramping up production with the funding they managed to raise. The popSLATE is an interesting display of innovative thinking, and one that I personally think is necessary when it comes to iPhone cases. If the case industry is ever to evolve, innovation like this is a necessity. It will be interesting to see where this case ends up with a little bit of refinement, tier innovation and version upgrading.

popSLATE – E-Ink iPhone Case Innovation







Via: [Technabob]

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