The ONE Mini Once Again Enables You To Snap Polaroid Pictures

Usually when I write about photography, it has something to do with the iPhone. This time around though, I am not going to present something that has anything to do with it. Nope, this thing is an entirely new product, and it will surely inspire a lot of photographers out there. Some of you might remember the Polaroid camera, and how it revolutionized the world with its instantly developed photos. The “flap” became a common word to use since you would usually flap the photo right when it came out of the camera in order to dry the chemicals on the actual photo. This thing is similar, but a little bit different. This camera was inspired by the Polaroid camera and mimics the way you take and develop Polaroid pictures.

It is not as bulky as the original Polaroid camera, and that is because this camera (called the ONE mini) divides the camera and the developer box into two separate gadgets. Now you just have to bust up the ONE mini camera in order to snap away at your objects. The developing part comes later when you are done. All you have to do is connect it to a PictBridge printer, and you can print your 5 megapixel Polaroid pictures.

However, the ONE mini doesn’t come with a PictBridge, it’s just the camera itself. It mimics the retro shape and colors of the original Polaroid camera, and your Polaroid pictures will definitely look as inspiring as they did back in the age of the Polaroid camera’s heyday. The ONE mini is conceptualized and developed by Carbon, and it is a digital camera that takes Polaroid pictures for your retro pleasure. The price for this beauty is around $125.00, but every place I have found it listed it’s sold out, so I guess it’s quite popular. If you want your own, I am sure there should be a place on the Internet where you can still find it in stock. But then again, with it being this popular, that most definitely means it will come back into stock again soon. Or so we can hope!

Carbon’s ONE Mini Digital Polaroid Pictures Camera





Via: [Highsnob]


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