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Pocket-Sized Virtual Keyboard Now Fits On Your Keychain

Pocket-Sized Virtual Keyboard Now Fits On Your Keychain

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

For a long time, people in the world have tried to do the impossible when it comes to small gadgets, and they’ve been somewhat successful at it. We’ve taken huge gadgets and transformed them into tiny things that fit in our pockets quite nicely. You might start to wonder what size is too small for it to even make sense anymore. I think cell phones reached that level a few years ago when some company tried to launch the world’s smallest cell phone. The result was that it failed completely since people didn’t need their phones to be any smaller than they already were. It became almost impossible to use, but when it comes to the pocket-sized virtual keyboards, things are a bit different.

One might ask why that is, right? First of all, a virtual keyboard is projected on your desk (or whatever flat surface you decide to project it on), so you don’t really need the gadget itself to be big and bulky. All you really want is for it to project your keyboard on the surface so you can use it. The gadget itself can be as small as possible, and that is exactly the case with this new pocket-sized laser virtual keyboard.

It’s actually so small that it fits on your keychain. Now you can take your keyboard with you wherever you go and it will take up no more space than what fits in your pocket together with your keys. It’s operated by bluetooth so connecting it to whatever mobile device you want to use it with is quite simple and straight forward. Just plunk your mobile gadget on the table so you can see it and then drop your pocket-sized keyboard in front of you and you are ready to commence work. It’s really that simple. It’s made available by Brookstone and will set you back a geeky $99.99. I don’t know what the response time of this thing is, but I would be happy to try it out to see if it might revolutionize the pocket-sized gadget category. I must say though that it is excitingly cool to look at.

Pocket-Sized Laser Virtual Keyboard

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Via: [Technabob]

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