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Playboy’s Envisioned Pleasure Hub In Space Now Conceptualized

Playboy’s Envisioned Pleasure Hub In Space Now Conceptualized

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

While Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic are fully underway test driving their new SpaceShipTwo engine, they have infused huge inspiration in other companies to take on the final frontier. There is a Russian company that is now pushing to become a prime competitor to Virgin Galactic, and there are countless others that are getting funding for their very own space entertainment and tourism concepts. It’s definitely a race that right now, Virgin Galactic is leading the pack. That doesn’t stop a lot of cool brands from dreaming big though. When entering this arena, it’s hard to see that the world is still recuperating from the economic collapse that we experienced a while ago.

Not to be left behind in future technologies, Playboy has entered the scene with something that might become the next Playboy Mansion in space. Their vision is nothing less than mind boggling and inspiring. They even ran their idea by a few investors and even consulted futurist Thomas Frey of the Davini Institute think tank, NASA scientist Stan Kent and Virgin Galactic head designer Adam Wells to conceptualize it all.

Of course there is no date set to when all this awesomeness could be built, but their intentions seem to be as legit as the ones once thought up by space pioneer and brand master Richard Branson. There have even been talks about Playboy consulting Virgin Galactic themselves to help facilitate the travel to their pleasure hub. With technology evolving in an ever faster pace, I don’t think it would be a surprise if we saw this thing rotating around our blue planet within the next twenty years or so. You better start saving though, the tickets are definitely not going to be cheap. Besides, maybe the invitations will once again only go to the rich and famous so you might have to wait a while to even get a ticket.






Via: [DVICE]

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