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Pixar Lamp Has Finally Been Brought To Life In Reality

Pixar Lamp Has Finally Been Brought To Life In Reality

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

One of the most memorable moments in any Pixar movie is of course their introductory logo animation. Few of us can even comprehend how that jumping lamp with a personality was even “invented” in the first place. Pixar defined a whole new era of movie making, and once again, it was Steve Jobs that led the company to global success. When we see the Pixar lamp animation at the beginning of a movie, we all know we’re in for an adventure. Disney, who has long been viewed as the premiere animation studio, got some competition when Pixar was started. Soon enough though, they started working together which ended with Disney acquiring Pixar back in 2006. The Pixar lamp is still the one intro that excites people at the movies.

If you have been a frequent visitor on Bit Rebels, you might remember my article about the Pixar lamp Halloween costume. It was as epic as the Pixar lamp animation itself. However, I think I have one thing that might just bump that costume into second place. Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou and Joss Dogget decided to bring the Pixar lamp to life, and the result is mind-twisting in every sense.

Through intricate animatronics, these people managed to bring the Pixar lamp to life in a way that most of us would find creepy. With a face recognition feature, it will track your every move and behave as if it wants to tell you something. The eerie way it tries to find you when you are hiding your face behind a book is not only creepy, but also displays a false sense of intelligence. It’s intelligence that might make this Pixar lamp (named “pinokio”) the most humanoid lamp we have ever seen. Its algorithm, electronic circuit and structural modifications make this Pixar lamp come to life when you switch the “lamp” on. Don’t think you are safe though. Once you turn it on, you will not be able to turn it off, at least not with the on/off switch. The Pixar lamp is “aware” of its own conscious state, and it will simply turn itself on again if you decide to turn it off. It’s freaky how impressively this lamp keeps its “master” at bay. Freaky to say the least!

Pixar Lamp “pinokio” Comes To Life








Via: [Designboom]

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