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Pickup Power Recharges All Your Gadgets Wherever You Are

Pickup Power Recharges All Your Gadgets Wherever You Are

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Everyone who has ever owned a mobile device knows how annoying the battery life can be. It’s the only thing that keeps us from going completely mobile. The constant monitoring of the juice we have left in our devices can sometimes in itself become a stress factor. There is plenty of research going on within this area, and it won’t be until we can charge our devices from thin air that we’ll go completely mobile. Until then, we just might have to rely on gadgets like the Pickup Power charger.

There’s no doubt been a landslide of power chargers released since mobile devices where first introduced. The really good ones are easy to spot, and this might be one of those. Pickup Power is a beast of a charger since it will connect your entire mobile device collection without even running out of outlets. As if that wasn’t enough, the Pickup Power charger got its name because of the innovative solution it carries.

When you’re in the field and need extra power, there are all kinds of hand-crank devices and solar chargers you could use. But the Pickup Power charger has a portable battery pack that easily connects to any of your USB chargeable mobile devices. This way, you always have a spare source of power when you find yourself needing to juice up. That is particularly good when you’re working on something and suddenly realize you have almost no power left, and there is no outlet near you that you can connect to.

But there is a catch! The Pickup Power is not done yet. The product is actually being created as we speak by Quirky. When completed, it will become one of the most powerful recharging devices you could ever own. With an increasing number of mobile devices in the world, a product like this is bound to be successful. Pickup Power sports features like 3 AC outlets, 3 USB outlets and 1 removable 4000mah battery, just to name a few. The price is still being “negotiated,” and you can have your say in it if you head over to their website.

Quirky’s Pickup Power Gadget Recharger

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One Comment

Rick Cross

March 17th, 2013

They need to make this for the uk


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