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Pick My Nose: Quirky iPhone 4/4S Nose Case

Pick My Nose: Quirky iPhone 4/4S Nose Case

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The world is full of magnificent and awesome iPhone accessories that would make even the most seasoned tech freak marvel. There are a few of these cases that stand out from the rest and they simply don’t really fit the mold, in a good way. A pretty legit question would of course be, what is the weirdest iPhone case you have seen so far? I am sure you would have an answer to that one since there are so many of these iPhone cases being released. Keeping track of all of them is virtually impossible. Believe me, we’re trying our hardest over here to keep track of all the geeky ones that are released, and it is anything but easy.

Today I stumbled over something that has to be the most odd iPhone case to date. It is called the Nose Case, but a more suiting name would definitely be the Pick My Nose iPhone Case. Then again, I am not the creator of it, so my vote doesn’t really count. Basically what this “innovative” iPhone 4/4S case is all about is that you are able to hold your iPhone in a whole new way when you talk on it.

If you are a person who can’t keep from picking your own nose, this will definitely be a great little game changer for you. It features a nose on the back of the case that you can actually stick two fingers in and use as support when you hold your phone to your ear. Weird? You bet! It’s both gross and awesome at the same time. I would totally crack up in a full on laugh if I ever saw someone sporting this puppy. If you ever thought that smartphone cases were boring and ordinary, this should put a dent in that perception, and make it a little bit more versatile. I don’t know what more to say about this “thing.” It’s just so out there. It is made available by Japanese Gift Shop and is called a Hana Case. It’s priced at $12 per case, and to further educate you about it, “hana” means nose in Japanese. So there you go, this probably is the WTF of the day, right?





Via: [InventorSpot]

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March 18th, 2013

I want to buy this I am in india can u tell me how I can get this cover

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