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Photo Dock For iPhone That’s Every Mobile Photographer’s Dream

Photo Dock For iPhone That’s Every Mobile Photographer’s Dream

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Mobile photography is an ever expanding area of technology that we here at Bit Rebels are watching quite closely. It’s enormously fun to see new gadgets made available to both amateur as well as professional mobile photographers in the world. Some are of course better than others, but the excitement is always the same, especially when it comes to all of the gadgets that are being released to serve the mobility of mobile photography. One of the things that has really been at the center of attention lately are the mobile photo docks. They are small mobile accessories that will enable you to print, scan or do various things with your photos right there in the field. That makes mobile photography really mobile.

We have seen a ton of examples of gadgets that have gone from concept design to real gadgets with the help of the community and Kickstarter for example. We have also checked out some of the products that have so far just been in the planning and research stage. This particular photo dock, which I am presenting today, is one of those. If you visit Bit Rebels frequently, you might remember the Polaroid photo dock I wrote about not too long ago. This one is very much a competitor to that particular one.

This one, which is called Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept or Sofie, is only an idea now but might become a reality in the future. It’s one of the smallest photo docks I have seen to date, and yet still it is a plausible design that might just work if enough brainstorming is put into the creation of it. It’s actually a quite small iPhone dock that will enable you to instantly print your photographs after you have taken them. It will even enable you to incorporate geo-tagged QR codes if you feel like letting people check out the area of your positioning. It’s solutions like these that will have the mobile photography community going for years. I don’t know exactly if or when this concept will become a reality, but it will be a dream come true for mobile photographers if and when it does. There’s no doubt about that whatsoever. Something that will become true for sure though is the Polaroid iPhone Dock from Polaroid.

iPhone Photo Dock Project Renders

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Via: [Mac Funamizu]

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