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$20,000 Personal Walker Robot Toy For Kids Will Annihilate Bullies

$20,000 Personal Walker Robot Toy For Kids Will Annihilate Bullies

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Each year toys get more advanced. It seems no matter how prepared I am, there is always a new groundbreaking toy I couldn’t have foreseen. Unfortunately when toys become more advanced, the price goes up as well. Recently the average toy was approaching a price tag that borders on $1,000. That’s nothing compared to the $20,000 personal walker robot recently announced by a Japanese company (which I can’t seem to find the name of).

I think this personal walker robot is a perfect example of how you can spoil a kid beyond the boundaries of sanity. If you happen to have about $20,000 laying around, and you feel like spending it on a toy for your kid, I guess this “little” gadget is one way to spend it. It could be described as the ultimate bully annihilator, and it could possibly make sure your kid always gets to school safe and sound. I doubt anyone would dare to mess with a boy or girl on his or her way to school sporting what could only be compared to a kid’s version of the Aliens cargo loader exoskeleton, right?

I always think of Dexter’s Laboratory (the cartoon) every time I see an exoskeleton of any kind. This personal walker robot is definitely a breed of that, even though its just a toy. I wish I had some stats or specs I could share with you, but I haven’t been able to locate either the manufacturer or specs for this badboy. It would be kind of useful to know how much force the gripper can put out, or how fast this thing can “walk” at full speed.

There’s no doubt it is a pretty geeky example of how you can totally push your kid in the direction of appreciating technology and geekdom more than pretty much anything else you can put in front of him or her. I am pretty sure if you’re spending $20,000 on one of these personal walker robot toys, you will at least be able to pick the color. Tell your kid about this thing, and you can kiss buying those ordinary video games goodbye. Things will never be the same once your kid has gotten wind of this, and that’s pretty much a promise. A few specs can be found at Sakakibara Kikai.

The $20,000 Personal Walker Robot For Kids

Personal Walker Robot Toy

Personal Walker Robot Toy

Personal Walker Robot Toy

Personal Walker Robot Toy

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