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Peachy: World’s First 3D Printer And Scanner For $100

Peachy: World’s First 3D Printer And Scanner For $100

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The world is being bombarded with 3D printers, and I am sure consumers are bracing themselves for many more still to come. How do you figure out which one to get when everyone is boasting about their latest and greatest features? One thing you could do is assess what it is that you need and then try to find it. But there’s also the approach of going for the cheapest one with the most features. You might choose one like the Peachy 3D printer recently announced.

A company called Rinnovated Design has taken a somewhat unusual approach to 3D printing technology and steered off the grid in order to keep the cost down. Their new and innovative 3D printer and scanner is a technical wonder to behold, and one to really keep on your radar in the coming month. How does the Peachy 3D printer work, and why is it so cheap?

The Peachy printer is a Photolithographic printer. That means it uses a controlled beam of light to cure light sensitive resin into hard objects. By filling a tank with liquid resin and shooting a laser at it as the resin fills the tank, you get a 3D print that is up to 1/1000 of an inch accurate. This is something that could potentially put 3D printing on its head once again since this approach is a whole lot more cost effective. In some cases, it can even produce a better 3D printed object than conventional 3D printers – all this with a printer that is promised to cost $100 or less.

As with most innovative technology these days, the Peachy 3D printer requires a little financing in order to complete its last leg of design and manufacturing. This is why the company has taken to Kickstarter to see if crowdfunding might be a solution to raise the necessary $50,000 CAD to finishing up the project. Let’s just say that people are really excited about this technology since over 2,458 people (when writing this) have already pledged.

The project is a glowing success with its $325,000 CAD already raised even though the campaign still has 26 days to go. If you want to stay ahead when it comes to 3D printing technology, this is the product to invest in or keep an eye on. It’s going to be a game changer for sure, their core technology is the proof of that.

Peachy – World’s Cheapest 3D Printer & Scanner

Peachy Cheap 3D Printer

Peachy Cheap 3D Printer

Peachy Cheap 3D Printer

Peachy Cheap 3D Printer

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