Paper Tablets Showcase Science Fiction Worthy Features

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CES 2013 is in full swing, and people are overwhelmed by all the incredible products being showcased. Each year it seems we are getting even closer to what we have seen for years in science fiction movies. It’s kind of fun to see how the technology industry feeds off what movie makers dream up. It’s almost like they are the idea bank for future technologies. There’s no doubt will we get some pretty insane gadgets in the future with the way things are going. The tablet is one such thing. Before they were created, we could see them being used in all kinds of science fiction movies. But today, tablets are kind of yesterday’s news. Instead, we are talking about e-paper and OLED screens. And now we are starting to hear news about paper tablets as well.

As thin as today’s tablets already are, it seems we can still do with a thinner one. The more mobile something is, the better it will fit our lifestyles, or that is at least how it seems to work these days. A new kind of paper tablet is being developed at Queen’s University in collaboration with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic. It’s an amazing piece of technology that will have anyone look forward to the future. Its features remind me of technologies showcased in movies such as Avatar and even Prometheus.

The paper tablet called PaperTab is a paper thin display which has touchscreen capabilities. It even recognizes other paper tablets placed beside it which it then connects to in order to create an even bigger screen. Moving content and data from one paper tablet to another is as simple as touching one paper tablet with another. Even paging through content is done by bending the side or the corner of the paper tablet itself. If those are not features worthy of a science fiction movie, I don’t know what is. There’s no doubt this is super exciting and could lead to even thinner, lighter and more user friendly tablets in the future. Just like Samsung’s Yuom, which I wrote about yesterday, the bendable paper tablets will certainly spawn some incredibly groundbreaking products in the near future. Behold and be amazed.

PaperTab – Paper Tablets With Sci-Fi Worthy Features





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