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Panono: 72 Megapixel Panoramic Ball Camera That Captures Everything

Panono: 72 Megapixel Panoramic Ball Camera That Captures Everything

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As it turns out today’s cameras are not only boring, but also obsolete compared to the Panono camera. Why? There are quite a few reasons actually, and we are going to go over all of them in this article. But, first I would like to say that after you have seen this, going back to taking photos with your smartphone camera or even your DLSR camera is going to be quite dreadful. Innovation has that effect on people when it comes to old technology.

I might come across quite bold in these statements, but there is simply no other way that I can express the impressive technology and features behind this amazing new camera. Panono is simply an entirely new way to take photos that none of us have experienced before.

To start with, the Panono camera has 36 small cameras all wrapped around a ball, each with a resolution of 2 megapixel. For the fast mathematician, you now know that this little round bundle of awesomeness can take panoramic pictures with a high resolution of 72 megapixels. But that’s not the awesome part, (well it is), but not the thing that makes this camera a complete must-have for any photographer.

The insanely great part, (to use Steve Jobs infamous phrase), is that once the camera, when thrown in the air, hits its highest peak and is virtually standing still the shutter activates on all of the 36 cameras at the same time. This means that within this little ball, there is a quilt of photographs waiting to be assembled into one great 360 degree panoramic photograph. You know where this is going, don’t you? Once downloaded to your tablet or smartphone, you will be able to view your photographs using the accelerometer. This ingeniously means that when you are looking at the screen and turn around, the photo will follow your movement showing you things you haven’t yet seen in the photo.

The Panono camera is a beast, let’s just say that, and I am not only talking about the features here. The camera can actually store up to 400 (!!!) 360 degree 72 megapixel panoramic photos in its internal memory before you will have to start downloading or clearing them out. I am simply blown away. Madness and genius in one device, we love it!

Panono is just about to be ready for the market, and the team behind this amazing technology has taken to IndieGoGo to crowdfund the last steps of development and production. They are looking to raise a hefty $900,000 in order for their project to be profitable and successful. The forecast looks great, with over 52 days left they have already managed to raise a massive $138,000. I think it’s safe to say that with their awesome technology, and people’s reaction to the Panono camera, this is for sure going to be a successful IndieGoGo campaign. So head over there now and pledge! You do not want to miss out on a revolution waiting to happen with the Panono camera.

Panono – 360 Degree 72 Megapixel Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

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