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Nostromo Watch Will Make You Look Like A Time Traveler

Nostromo Watch Will Make You Look Like A Time Traveler

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I guess some of you are thinking, “Oh God! Here he goes again!” Well, yes I am, but I think you will really enjoy this insanely cool and retro futuristic watch design. It seems the watches that keep us on time in the world are getting ever more advanced, designwise that is. I love these new designs, and if I could, I would have them all in my possession. There is nothing more awesome than watching the inner makings of a watch tick away all for you. But everything has a price, and unfortunately, these things don’t come cheap. They may look cooler than any watch you have every seen, but the prices usually seem to match their awesomeness, so to speak.

I am a huge fan of the Alien movies, and when Ridley Scott announced he is making a prequel (that is not really a prequel) based on the same “universe” as the Alien movies, I was overjoyed. I still can’t wait to check it out. The thing is that this particular watch, the Cabestan’s Nostromo, is actually based on the ship in the first Alien movie with the same name. The design is kept retro futuristic and expresses a sense of intricate retro sci-fi design.

I think that is exactly what the designer managed to do, and this one is another one of those really awesome watches you just have to check out. It’s like the Devon Tread watch I wrote about a few days ago. So what is the asking price for this retro piece of nostalgia then? Well, if you want one, I suggest you start collecting cash by selling that pimped out Porsche you have in the garage (if you have one that is) because this thing is set at $141,400. It’s maybe just a little bit over budget for an average salary. But, it’s never too late to start saving, as they say. And always remember… nothing is impossible.





This video is of an earlier model called Winch Tourbillon Verical 2010

Via: [A Blog To Read]

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