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Next Gen Trash Bin: Sucks Up What’s On The Floor

Next Gen Trash Bin: Sucks Up What’s On The Floor

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We all know that trash is one of the main problems that we are going to have to find a better solution for in the future. Most everything else as far as waste goes is taken care of by someone or something, but the solution for trash isn’t as easy. As a matter of fact you are the one who has to carry the trash out in order to get rid of it. Most other things in our life like TV shows, water from the shower, heat from the oven, etc… are turned off with just a click of a button or a turning of a knob. However, trash is different. It just sits there until we do something with it. It’s becoming a little tedious, don’t you think?

I know that when I am in the middle of a website design, I always get a ton of paper trash from my wireframe designs, feature lists and so forth. I have a trash bin of course, but putting it in there is just a temporary solution because I eventually have to take care of it when the trash bin is full. The Cuum is set out to change at least a little bit of our trash problems. The Cuum is a regular trash bin mounted on a base that is a vacuum. Simply sweep the dust on the floor towards the base of the trash bin, and it will suck it all up and store it until you throw it away or recycle it. Yeah I know, it doesn’t really solve our problems when it comes to taking the trash out, but there are other ways to take care of that.

You can either you ask your partner to do it, or get yourself a maid. I know what you’re thinking, your mom does that for you, right? Well, you shouldn’t really get used to that because before you know it, you’re on your own and there is nothing as lame as asking your mom to come over to clean up your dirty socks and your garbage from the floor. Now get off that butt of yours and do something useful for once. You certainly use the exercise from taking the trash out. If not, then you are not worthy of a trash bin at all. Git git git!

Cuum Trash Bin Garbage Eater

Cuum Trash Bin Garbage Eater

Cuum Trash Bin Garbage Eater

Cuum Trash Bin Garbage Eater

Cuum Trash Bin Garbage Eater

Via: [Yanko Design]

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