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Is This Windows 8 Smartphone Concept Apple’s Worst Nightmare?

Is This Windows 8 Smartphone Concept Apple’s Worst Nightmare?

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Microsoft isn’t exactly known for their ability to create great looking products. Comparing Microsoft and Apple’s devices wouldn’t exactly be fair as Apple has some of the world’s best designers. This has always been a thorn in Microsoft’s side as they have continuously tried to come up with devices that could rival Apple’s. A freelance designer name Jonas Dähnert might, however, have a Windows 8 smartphone concept that could be Apple’s worst nightmare.

Some look at the iPhone and say that it’s basically just a brick. How can you see design in a brick, right? Well, it may be a brick, but the design that has gone into it has been praised all around the world. If Microsoft wants to compete with Apple, they have to add design into their products that lasts. That is definitely something that Jonas has done with his Window 8 smartphone concept project.

Its lines, the smoke-black color and the glassy look of the Window 8 smartphone are very close to that of the iPhone. However, it has a few design features that could very well be better than Apple’s iPhone.

For example, the front has a few very distinct touchscreen buttons that the iPhone does not have. We are all familiar with the one button that the iPhone has on their device. In hindsight, one could question whether Apple had the intention of adding the Touch ID feature when the first iPhone was introduced. This Windows 8 smartphone design, however, doesn’t have that capability should it ever want to. You could of course include it on the touchscreen itself, but that would of course take a whole lot of innovation.

The features that stand out the most on this Windows 8 smartphone, called Surface Phone, are the sleek front with its touchscreen buttons but also the sleek back that has the camera and the flash nicely centered. The iPhone’s right mounted camera (where the main screen faces you) has always annoyed me as I always have to adjust my center when taking pictures. If this Windows 8 smartphone was ever realized, do you think it would give Apple a run for its money? In the least, someone over at Microsoft should hire Jonas and let him lead the product design department for a few years. Who knows, he could become Microsoft’s own Jonathan Ive.

Jonas Dähnert’s Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

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November 3rd, 2013

So. It is basically a Surface phone. I would buy one.



November 4th, 2013

It actually looks awesome. And I must confess that I’d buy it.


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