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New Skateboard Concept Uses 8 Wheels To Take On Stairs

New Skateboard Concept Uses 8 Wheels To Take On Stairs

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The trendy skateboard has been one of the top hobby activities for kids for a long time now. If you master it, you can pretty much do anything, right? But there is one thing that still remains an obstacle for people who love their skateboard and ride it wherever they go. I am of course talking about stairs. It’s the one obstacle that a lot of people have tried to “tame” with tricks. This new skateboard concept could come to leverage the stairs in a matter of seconds.

The ingenuity comes from a guy named PoChih Lai who was tired of having to either trick his way down a set of stairs or simply get off his board and walk down the stairs. I know from personal experience that tricking your way down a set of stairs can be quite painful if you don’t land your trick right. If possible, it’s better to just walk down. But wouldn’t you rather ride down the stairs on your skateboard instead? This new skateboard concept called Stair-Rover can make that a reality.

It’s actually the wheels that make this possible. This particular concept skateboard has 8 wheels attached to the board instead of the usual 4. They work similar to a bandwagon, but on wheels, if you know what I mean. The impact of the wheels are constant, which means the skateboard will always have at least 4 wheels rolling on solid ground when treading down the stairs. This skateboard is a neat idea and one that you will have the ability to help realize and put on the market.

PoChih Lai actually just put his new skateboard concept on Kickstarter in order to raise money to finalize and bring his new skateboard concept to the market. This means if you pledge, you will be able to make this skateboard a reality and even receive one yourself (if you pledge enough that is). Mr. Lai hopes to raise £50,000 within 38 days, which is definitely possible considering he has already been able to raise north of £7,000. If you pledge $360.00 you will be among the first people to receive one of these new skateboard concepts. You’ll be able to leverage stairs when you’re out rolling down the street. It’s an impressive idea and one that deserves to be realized.

Stair-Rover – New Skateboard Concept Kickstarter Project






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Jack Franco

June 8th, 2014

My name is jack franco.i luv your skateboard. I did speak to you guys about 4 months ago to try and do something with you. I’m very interested in this product and I’d like to contact you. Please send me contact info

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