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New iPhone 6 Concept Sports Appealing Three-Sided Display

New iPhone 6 Concept Sports Appealing Three-Sided Display

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There have probably not been as many concept phones presented from people’s imagination as for the iPhone. Each time that we’re getting close to one of Apple’s, (by now legendary), keynotes there are always a truck load of different iPhone concepts being thrown around. We have yet to see one that is even in the vicinity of what Apple is actually presenting. That could probably be said about a new iPhone 6 concept that is currently making its rounds on the Internet.

I am most intrigued by the number of times that we have seen so called “renders” of the iPhone that have actually turned out to be the real deal. One such time was of course right before the iPhone 5 was released. 3D software has become so advanced that we no longer know the difference, or at least people that do not work with 3D would never be able to spot it. This iPhone 6 concept, however, is not one of those real things unfortunately.

The three-sided iPhone 6 concept phone is quite appealing I would be lying if I didn’t say that, however as many people have pointed out, it is a phone that Apple would never build, or at least that is the word. But Samsung is rumored to soon release a smartphone that has its screen wrapped around the edges of it, so concept designer Iskander Utebayev decided that Apple had to give it a try as well.

Even though this iPhone 6 concept is possibly never going to be realized, it still gives us a glimpse of how such an iPhone would look. The colors and the glow of it are definitely appealing, and I think that if Apple ever did decide to create such a smartphone they would definitely have a few people fan it beyond expectation. But as I previously pointed out, the chance that Apple would ever develop such a phone is slim to none, so behold it here and keep it fresh in your mind. It is probably the only iPhone 6 concept with a three-sided display you will ever see.

Iskander Utebayev – Three-Sided Display iPhone 6 Concept

Three-Sided iPhone 6 Concept

Three-Sided iPhone 6 Concept

Three-Sided iPhone 6 Concept

Three-Sided iPhone 6 Concept

Via: [iPhone Hacks]

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November 28th, 2013

Although this is a beautiful design, I feel that it’s extremely important for those side buttons to be actual tangible buttons. I think I’d be highly annoyed if I couldn’t mute or turn down my phone while still in my pocket because I couldn’t feel where the buttons were. It makes sense for things to be touch screen when you are fully engaged in the phone but not in other situations. Using the volume control to take pictures would be difficult because you’d have to make sure your finger was where it’s supposed to be. I feel Samsung is going to run into the same problems unless the sides bubbled out and could be depressed.


December 13th, 2013

Nice, beautifully done concept work…Ridiculous concept. The button breaks, then what…


July 8th, 2014

The only problem I see is that it would be odd to hold the phone without pressing any of the side buttons, assuming they’re LCD touch screens


April 25th, 2015

These will likely use OLED technology, which is really the future of all display screens..!! #OLED

Please no

December 3rd, 2015

Looking at this would make Ive puke and Jobs turn over in his grave, no one can seriously imagine Apple would do something like this.

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