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New Bike Helmet Adds Ultra-Visible Safety Signals

New Bike Helmet Adds Ultra-Visible Safety Signals

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It’s about time innovators start doing something about the current bike helmets available. Every time I set foot in a store these days, I see the same tiered bike helmets on display. They’re not new bike helmets, but just the same old boring designs with no added safety features at all. There could be a lot more done to a bike helmet that would make it safer – like making sure everyone around the biker is aware of his or her presence.

I was happily surprised to see that we are able to share not one, but two articles within two days that have everything to do with bike helmets. The first one was about a smart cycling helmet that wirelessly tracks your heart rate accurately in real time thanks to an advanced algorithm running inside a microprocessor. The one I am covering today has another set of features incorporated into it. This new bike helmet will make sure that people around you (especially at night) will know where you are, where you are going, and whether or not you are about to stop.

There are too many bike accidents that happen every year which leave people with the most horrible injuries. Too many people die as well, which is one of the reasons why innovators NEED to spend more time on this issue. I was in a bike accident when I was 7, leaving me hospitalized and unconscious for two days. It happened in full daylight, and where the driver was drunk. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done from a bike helmet point of view to prevent this. However, when it comes to night safety, this DORA helmet could be exactly what the world needs.

This new bike helmet is a concept design from designer Balázs Filczer who managed to create and perfect the ultimate bike helmet in my opinion. With this new bike helmet heading for the market, there is hope that a lot of people will avoid finding themselves in the same situation as so many unfortunate people. The DORA helmet has side blinkers, a rear stop light and a headlight that will help you see where you are going, as well as alert the traffic and people around you about exactly where you are going. This could make sure cars, other bikers, and people know when to hit their brakes to prevent crashing into you. I personally hope we’ll see a Kickstarter project with this concept soon. This new bike helmet is the winner of the IBDC 2013 Award in the Clothing and Accessory category. It has so much potential!

Balázs Filczer’s New Bike Helmet Concept





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