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Neo-Plug Utilizes Magnets To Easier Connect Smartphone Charger Cables

Neo-Plug Utilizes Magnets To Easier Connect Smartphone Charger Cables

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Charging smartphones has become big business for innovators all around the world. I think you all know what I am talking about when I mention stuff like wireless charging, leech charging and optimized cable charging. Everything is turned, optimized and switched. But when it comes to simply charging your smartphone with a cord, it seems the solutions are limited. Jacob Brozek, the inventor of the Neo-Plug, has been hard at work solving this problem for a while now.

If you have tried to charge your smartphone while driving, you know that it can be a dangerous task trying to connect the cable to the phone. Not only have smartphone charger cables always been somewhat tricky to insert into the jack, but the fact that you almost certainly need to take your eyes off the road is something that should never happen. The Neo-Plug aims to solve this with the use of magnets.

I am sure a lot of you people are screaming right now that this is in no way a new concept. And you are completely right, it’s been utilized before, especially in Apple’s products such as the MacBook for example. But when it comes to smartphone charger cables, the concept is not yet widespread, if at all utilized. The Neo-Plug is a way to implement that solution, while increasing safety and minimizing the risk of damaging the device you want to charge.

Neo-Plug is not really anything other than a couple of adapters that will enable you to simply hold the charger cable close to the smartphone, and they will attract each other to complete the circuit. As with most concepts like this, the Neo-Plug is a startup project that is looking for funding. If $167,000 is raised by the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the product will be able to be prepped for the consumers market. By just pledging $20.00 to this project, you will be eligible to receive a Neo-Plug when and if the campaign is successful. With just 14 days to go though, it could be a tight endeavor. If you like it and want it to become a reality then the best way to secure its success is to pledge and spread the word.

Jacob Brozek’s Neo-Plug Smartphone Charger Adapter

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