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Navigate: GPS Jacket Taps You On Your Shoulders To Show Direction

Navigate: GPS Jacket Taps You On Your Shoulders To Show Direction

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are a lot of new technologies emerging in the world, wearable technology being one of them. This new phenomenon is expanding quickly and more and more clothes are actually being fitted with some kind of feature to help us get through our day. A company called Wearable Experiments is now adding their touch to the industry with their latest project called Navigate, a GPS jacket that will tap you on your shoulder to show you what direction to go.

I must admit that when I first heard about this GPS jacket I was quite intrigued. My questions were how was the whole navigation part solved, and how did they actually get the jacket to show the wearer where to go? Well, first things first, the GPS jacket comes with an app that allows you to upload your locations to it. Once in your jacket, (however weird that sounds), the directions will be fed to you in two ways.

The GPS jacket will tell you what direction to go with a tactile feature incorporated into the shoulders of the jacket and will feel like subtle taps. Once you come to a street corner the jacket will know and tap you on the shoulder that corresponds with the direction you should go. When it comes to distance and keeping track of how far you are from the next turn, there are a few LED lights incorporated on the sleeve which will indicate how much further you have to go.

The concept is quite intriguing when you start looking at the possibilities. Wouldn’t it be quite interesting to wear one of these GPS jackets to guide you while in a city you have never been in before? I mean, just entering a destination through your smartphone and then head there with the help of the directions your jacket would give you. It would be the ultimate tourist accessory and with the subtle tappings and the LED lights not taking up too much of your time (where the smartphone would require you to constantly look at it) you would have more time to enjoy the actual city itself and what it has to offer.

Wearable Experiments’ GPS Jacket – Navigate

Navigate GPS Jacket Project

Navigate GPS Jacket Project

Navigate GPS Jacket Project

Navigate GPS Jacket Project

Via: [psfk]

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