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Multifunction Case For iPhone Has Retractable Earbuds

Multifunction Case For iPhone Has Retractable Earbuds

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Many times I’ve wished that I didn’t have to get entangled in the cords to my earphones. I usually put them in my pocket when I’m not using them, but when I take them out, they have somehow magically become a jumbled mess. It’s an annoyance that I think many people have experienced, yet we still haven’t been able to figure out how to solve it. There has been a lot of innovation around it, but few things promise the same awesomeness as this new multifunction case.

It’s a case called TurtleCell, and it is an innovation by a company with the same name. It’s a genius idea, and if it really works, I think it would make a lot of sense to buy it. This multifunction case has a mechanism inside of it that enables you to retract the earbuds into the case without having to worry about them getting tangled. Some people will probably start thinking that just because of this feature, the case will be bulky, big and ultimately annoying, right? Well, that is not entirely true.

You see, the case only adds about 6mm to the thickness and 25mm to the height of the iPhone itself. It’s not too much when you consider that you will be rolling like a superhero once you start using it. I mean, when you are done listening to music or when you are done talking on the phone, you simply retract the earbuds into the case, and you’re good to go. No more tangled headphones and definitely no more annoyance because you can’t figure out why the cord always gets tangled.

The company behind this multifunction case wants to finish it up and make it available to everyone, but they need funding in order to pull it off. So, naturally they turned to Kickstarter to see if they could crowdsource the project. They are looking to raise $50,000 within 22 days. With $16,000 already raised, it seems they are actually on their way to finding the funding for their project.

Do you want to relieve yourself of the annoyance of always having to untangle your earphone cords before you can start using your earbuds? Well, pledge and get your very own multifunction case when and if the project is successfully completed. No more tangled cords means more time for smiles.

TurtleCell’s Multifunction Case For iPhone







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One Comment

Henry Kaufman

September 23rd, 2013

This is really informative blog about iPhone this is good, that this company really understands the importance of highly authentic and well-designed case for iPhone.


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