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Mouse Clone Dummies: Next Gen Computer Security Feature

Mouse Clone Dummies: Next Gen Computer Security Feature

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The ever increasing number of identity thefts has left innovators scratching their heads as they try to invent secure ways for people to log in to their accounts. Whether that is a social networking account accessed through your computer, or an ATM machine on the side of a street doesn’t really matter. Security is always an issue as thieves are becoming more sophisticated. However, there are ideas that might help us secure our stuff. The mouse clone dummy system is one of those concepts.

The idea is based on a crowd confusing concept. This means that instead of trying various approaches to conceal the code entered, the mechanism instead clones the cursor in order to confuse the bystander or onlooker. With 40 or more mouse clone cursors moving around on the screen at the same time, it’s basically impossible for someone sneaking a peak at your screen to know what code your cursor is entering. Well, I have to honestly say that when I look at the video, it’s not too hard to see which one is the real cursor. The mouse clones are too fluent to make a believable dummy cursor and confuse the onlooker.

This system called CamouflageCursor was created to prevent password theft in its most common form. For a non-techie, the mouse clones will most certainly be confusing enough for them not to recognize the real cursor. But for a more seasoned computer user, distinguishing between the mouse clones and the real cursor will not be difficult.

However, the second prototype is a little bit more sophisticated. It uses a dial system that is certainly a whole lot more confusing than the keypad mouse clone solution. It works pretty much the same way, but since we are not used to interfaces like it, it makes it a little bit harder to spot the real cursor from the mouse clones. Primarily this CursorCamouflage system is meant for banking account logins, but it could easily be converted into computer login screens or even online logins. One thing is for sure, and that is that computer security certainly needs to be beefed up. Whether this is a solution that will work remains to be seen.

Future Of Account Security – Mouse Clone Dummies




Via: [DigInfo News]

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Wyn Davis

March 6th, 2013

It is amazing how quickly technology is moving and open we are to attack.

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