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Precision Moment Tracked Mobile Advertising

Moment Tracking Is The New Success Trend In Mobile Advertising

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

A new breed of mobile advertising and marketing is emerging and it comes from Kiip. Major players like Google have been using cookies to further increase their accuracy when presenting you with ads. Browser clients like FireFox recently announced they will block these ways of tracking Internet users so new ways of advertising have to be thought up.

Kiip is the first brand to implement their new method called Precision Moment Tracking mobile advertising. This new method of following mobile Internet users is quite appealing when you start getting into what it’s all about. The approach in itself isn’t really that hard to understand and perhaps that is the reason that it’s so appealing and genius. The whole concept of Precision Moment Tracking mobile advertising is based on what you are doing at a particular moment.

If you for example, pick up an app to figure out what to eat or perhaps a Map to search for the quickest way to get to a meeting you’re late for, the system will present you with ads that are specifically tailored for you.  It makes a whole lot of sense to incorporate this into mobile advertising and I am sure it will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) quite significantly.

We are constantly seeing new breeds of mobile advertising.  This is perhaps the one that makes the most sense. It’s when you are being approached by advertisers when you’re actually doing something that has to do with what they advertise (if that make sense) that you are more keen on actually clicking through in order to learn more about it and perhaps even purchasing what they have to sell. It makes a whole lot of sense, don’t you think?

Have a look at the video below to learn more about this innovative new way to entice mobile Internet users to buy products and services based on what they are doing at the moment. Mobile advertising is evolving at an ever increasing pace, and this is I am sure, one of the first steps to truly making mobile advertising work for the mobile Internet user as well as the advertisers themselves without the inconvenience to the mobile user.

Kiip’s Precision Moment Tracking Mobile Advertising

Precision Moment Tracked Mobile Advertising

Precision Moment Tracked Mobile Advertising

Precision Moment Tracked Mobile Advertising

Precision Moment Tracked Mobile Advertising

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