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Mitsubishi’s EMIRAI Is The Most Sci-Fi Packed Car To Date

Mitsubishi’s EMIRAI Is The Most Sci-Fi Packed Car To Date

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I am mesmerized by the digitization of the interior design and dashboards in futuristic cars. This is the third article I’ve written about it. The progression of car technology is happening faster now than ever before, and the things we saw a year ago are already old. Nowadays, researchers and developers are trying to innovate the future. So who’s in the lead? Without hesitation, I can say that Mitsubishi is definitely one of the prominent innovators with their EMIRAI concept.

I previously took on the future car dashboards and described and demonstrated just how much the user will be able to customize the way he or she wants to read them. With a highly customized user interface, you can pretty much create whatever dashboard and information you want. Since that article (which by the way wasn’t that long ago), Mitsubishi has been able to top any kind of future car design with their innovative, and quite frankly, insanely appealing EMIRAI car interior and dashboard.

EMIRAI is a marvel piece of technology. It’s something that could only be dreamed up by the very brightest of innovators. Not only does it sport some of the world’s most advanced systems, but it also sports a ton of touchscreens and even a curved high resolution dashboard which the user can customize till his or her heart is content.

The EMIRAI concept car is a build to inspire car manufacturers to dare to take the next step into the digital age. Too many car manufacturers are still mucking about with the old analog systems, which of course are reliable and sturdy. However, in order to make digital systems more reliable and common, manufacturers must innovate and take on all the innovation that is available. For Mitsubishi, the EMIRAI is purely a way to show everyone what can be done.

One of the more eye catching features is of course the shape changing buttons on the steering wheel. They will pop out when needed, and they too have a touch sensitive surface which the user can use to swipe in order to tell the system to trigger certain functions. The whole car oozes future, and in my humble opinion, it’s one of the few really innovative steps I have seen when it comes to car interior design and dashboard user interface. When it will be implemented into real consumer cars is up to the manufacturers around the world. I know at least a handful of people who would stand in line for a car with these features, me being one of them.

Mitsubishi’s Innovative EMIRAI Future Concept Car

Mitsubishi EMIRAI Concept Car

Mitsubishi EMIRAI Concept Car

Mitsubishi EMIRAI Concept Car

Mitsubishi EMIRAI Concept Car

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