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MicroSD Memory Card Collector Significantly Increases Productivity

MicroSD Memory Card Collector Significantly Increases Productivity

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I have to say, I love a good concept when I see one. Some of you might remember my article about the USB Memory Collector concept gadget and how completely genius it was. People always like to take a good concept and make it even better, or adapt it into another area where the same issues might exist. That is totally the case with the concept idea I am going to present to you today. It’s called the Collector USB Flash Drive, and it is a MicroSD memory card collector. It’s yet another brilliant example of what ingenuity can accomplish. I have many times heard some of my photographer friends tell me how utterly annoyed they are about not being able to plugin all of their MicroSD cards into their computer when they are working in order to speed up workflow. Well, now they can.

This fresh concept design photographer accessory will enable you to take all of your MicroSD memory cards (or at least most of them) and plug them into a clever USB stick, if it was real. Simply pop off the lid and insert all the MicroSD memory cards that your heart desires. Pop on the lid again and insert into your computer. Done! It’s really that easy.

All of your MicroSD memory cards will now pop up on the screen, and you can work seamlessly between the cards without having to switch and download the content of each one before you can start working. All you really have to do is pick the photos you want directly off of the MicroSD memory card and start working. They are all there, so if you want another photo from another batch or location to compare with your current one, you just go into that particular MicroSD memory card and pull the photo. This is really how things should work – simple, straight forward and fast. It’s designed by Fang-Chun Tsai, and we can only hope that this is at one point made into a real product.

Fang-Chun Tsai’s MicroSD Memory Card Collector






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