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Massive 840 Barrel Paintball Gun Paints Mona Lisa

Massive 840 Barrel Paintball Gun Paints Mona Lisa

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Ladies and gentlemen, this is probably something that will have you baffled again and again. Everyone knows that the famous Mona Lisa painting probably took quite a while to paint, and some examiners have said that the painting has something else painted underneath it.

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but it’s not unusual for artists to recycle their canvases if they are not satisfied with their results. Sometimes they even sketch things on the canvas that they simply sketch over and then paint on. I think it’s something in between this and what they said was the case with the Mona Lisa painting.

However, what if I told you that in today’s society and technology climate, there are way faster ways to paint the Mona Lisa and art in general? Some people may not be too familiar with the brush or a pencil enough to make their art look good and inspirational. That’s when you come up with new solutions that might give you a simple way to create art. Maybe you just have to push a button and that’s it.

That’s exactly what the energy drink manufacturer Volt did when they wanted to promote their latest energy drink. They created an 840 barrel paintball gun that paints a plummeting character, and it’s just with a push of a button. Sure, the build in itself of course took several weeks to complete, but when it was done, voila! Kick that button and BANG, your art is forever one with the wall. One little downside though is that the “thing” is so powerful that it sets off car alarms left and right as soon as it is fired. But who gives a crap, right? It’s all about art after all. The same thing was done by Adam and Jaime from Mythbusters when they created the Mona Lisa paintball gun which is almost identical to this gun. However, they did it two years ago.

840 Barrel Paintball Gun Art

840 Barrel Paintball Gun Art

840 Barrel Paintball Gun Art

840 Barrel Paintball Gun Art

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