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Macro Lens Band: Minimalistic iPhone Lens Accessory

Macro Lens Band: Minimalistic iPhone Lens Accessory

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I remember not too long ago when I was covering some Lego builds that were epic in size and construction. It was right then and there when I suddenly started seeing all of the micro builds that had a whole different epicness to them. It was no longer the scale of the builds that impressed us, but the sheer creativity and dedication to make something as small as possible. It was wonderful to see that people started to pick up the small builds again since I had started wondering when the big builds would actually end. We’ve seen houses built using Lego, so what could possibly impress us further? Well, this whole scenario is duplicated in a lot of things today, and one in particular is the iPhone accessory industry.

Manufacturers are starting to realize that less is more, and with a little bit of ingenuity they can actually get a better result as far as sales. The new Macro Cell Lens Band is a mind blowing example of that. It’s a new kind of lens for the iPhone which of course is aimed towards semi-professional photographers who want to up their ante a little with a few bits and pieces of new gear and gadgets.

It’s a clever contraption, and the price reflects its ingenuity and awesome initiative to try and make something equally as good the high end products, but for a fraction of the price. This lens, which you simply strap on your iPhone, will only set you back $15. It comes with a storage card to secure the lens when you are not using it. You will be able to take photos with a whole lot more depth of field, and you will also be able to switch out the lenses to other ones. With the help of the rubber band, the lens stays secure on the iPhone until you no longer are using it. Then, store it away on the lens card which you can just slide into your wallet. Simplicity is always the best.

Micro Lens Band iPhone Accessory

Micro Lens Band iPhone Accessory

Micro Lens Band iPhone Accessory

Micro Lens Band iPhone Accessory

Micro Lens Band iPhone Accessory

Via: [Uncrate]

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