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Unique iPhone Case Puts A Lush Lawn In Your Hands

Unique iPhone Case Puts A Lush Lawn In Your Hands

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When the iPhone was first introduced, the world was focused on the many possibilities it offered. The modular virtual design that set it apart from the rest of the cell phones available made it a goldmine for many developers. But there were also people who utilized its sleek design instead of its virtual assets. I am talking about the ability to accessorize it with a geeky or unique iPhone case. The case industry has grown strong and profitable for many companies around the world.

The tons of accessories and seemingly endless amounts of inspiration pushed into every unique iPhone case have probably met their match when it comes to the Lush Lawn case developed by co-lab’s Shibuya Atelier. The inspiration behind this unique iPhone case with pure zen in it is the various famous parks around the world. Sound weird? Well, when you start thinking about the stress and the seemingly unlimited number of to-dos that every person has on their daily schedules, this unique iPhone case might just make a whole lot of sense.

This iPhone case dubbed the Shibaful Lush Lawn iPhone Case was carefully and meticulously developed and manufactured with a new method that makes the case feel and look like a real lush lawn. This particular iPhone case prototype is based on the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. It’s the first park prototype in a future series that will include grass modeled from New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park, just to name a few.

If you’re looking to grace your iPhone with a unique iPhone case that pushes your senses towards a sunny day in the park then these cases will probably make your day. The first batch of cases will be made available in only 8 stores throughout Japan. Furthermore, they will only be made in a batch of 100 cases, and they are expected to be out at the end of April this year (2013). If you want a bit of Tokyo grass to adorn your iPhone, this iPhone case is the right choice for you.

Co-Lab Shibuya Atelier’s Lush Lawn Unique iPhone Case





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