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Love Hulten’s R-Kaid-6 MAME Console

Love Hulten’s R-Kaid-6 MAME Console

5 Years Ago By Nicholas Greene

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of geeky and artsy, look no further than Love Hultén. Hultén, an artist and designer working out of Sweden, has been creating digital and physical art since somewhere around 2008, and he’s got some pretty awesome exhibits and concepts on his personal website, which includes illustrations, books, electronics, and even a short video.

While his art style might not be for everyone (some of it’s a touch surreal), no one can deny that he’s got talent- and his custom case mods are something else. My personal favorites are the Megaman USB joystick (“In The Year 20xx…) and the concept for the Sputnik 0667 computer – based on the 20th century rig of the same name.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a particularly excellent arcade console modification, known as the “R-Kaid-6.”

It’s definitely a treat for the eyes, and it incorporates a ten year old computer, varnished and finished wood, customized cables, two arcade controllers and the Maximum Arcade software into an aesthetically pleasing entertainment device. The bottom of each controller is engraved and patterned, and the two peripherals can be flipped over and slotted into the top of the console when they’re not being used. Alternatively, you can just pop them in right-side up, as well.

…Alright, I’m just going to come out and say it. This mod is damned sexy, and I’m honestly in love with the design.

Unfortunately, a beauty like this doesn’t come cheap, and Hulten’s set the price-point for the R-Kaid-6 at 960 Euros- roughly $1,230.00. That seems pretty steep at first, until you consider that there are plenty of arcade machines that go for well over three grand…with that taken into account, 1200 doesn’t seem all that pricy.

And hey, at least you get something that looks good as well as entertains, right?

Custom Video Game Mod

Custom Video Game Mod

Custom Video Game Mod

Custom Video Game Mod

Custom Video Game Mod

Via: [Geeky Gadgets]

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