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Living Wallet Spending Habits Control

The Living Wallet Will Help You Control Your Spending Habits

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

For some people spending money is a reliever of stress and a way to keep their smiles up. It is a dangerous path which in some cases may turn the person into a shopaholic. In today’s economy continuous spending will most definitely cause us trouble down the line if we’re not careful. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some sort of device that told us when we were spending too much? The Living Wallet is a fun take on a wallet aware of its own worth.

So what is the Living Wallet and is it something that we can really use? I wouldn’t exactly call it a legit tool for people who have a spending addiction, however, it could very well have an effect on their shopping habits.

Think of the Living Wallet as a way of putting your thoughts somewhere else. In a way, that will change your spending habits as you no longer feel it is of importance to go out and spend your money. The problem is how long the Living Wallet will be able to keep your attention and interest. As you can see from the video, the wallet has a will of its own and it will do anything to get away from you if you intend to use it when you feel the urge to spend.

The  Living Wallet has a set of wheels that will make it “run” from you if you try and grab it. It is setup to sync with a bookkeeping app called Zaim, (which I assume is the primary product meant to be marketed with the Living Wallet). When the Living Wallet, which is really a case, senses that your resources are low it will do anything to prevent you from taking it with you as your intent is to spend more money.

If you were to open it while your resources or funds are low, it will scream -“Help!” in order to humiliate you in front of people in the store as I take it. Furthermore, should you not stop and still proceed with your purchase it may also proceed to call your mom. I guess today’s harsh economic state requires a dose of enforcement in order for us to understand that saving money is better than spending.

Living Wallet – Keeping Track Of Your Spending Habits

Living Wallet Spending Habits

Living Wallet Spending Habits

Living Wallet Spending Habits

Living Wallet Spending Habits

Living Wallet Spending Habits

Living Wallet Spending Habits

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