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Limited Solar Powered Nixie Watch

Solar Powered Nixie Watch Is A Retro Example Of Custom Ingenuity

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I can’t go past a shops window that has watches in it without having to check them all out. If there is anything I am addicted to, it’s watches. Personally I think that it is one of the most important accessories a guy can wear. It expresses an infinite amount of information about their personality and each timepiece has a unique feel to it. That is especially true when we’re talking about a new nixie watch recently announced by its creator.

For all of you who do not know what a nixie tube is, it is an electronic device for displaying numerals or other information using glow discharge. They were commonly found in scientific equipment, however, when the LED and LCD displays started becoming popular the nixie tube was completely replaced.

Some of you might remember Steve Wozniak sporting a nixie watch a while back, well this isn’t that particular watch. This nixie watch has a whole truck load of more powerful and nifty features. To start with, the Kopriso nixie watch model “Mi Esposita“, is not only sporting a couple of solar panels that are geniusly used in several different ways that make this watch quite unique, but it is also the world’s smallest nixie watch.

I could go on and on about all the features, but the guy doing the review, YouTuber Techmoan, is doing such a fantastic job that I am just going to let him do the talking. What I can say is that just a handful of these watches will be made, which drives the price up considerably. The first batch of nixie watches went for around $1,200.00 a pop. Still not in the vicinity of the $250,000.00 rebellion watches that we sometimes see flicker before our eyes online.

If you want one, you will have to start searching on eBay. The creator of these watches is a sole tinkerer who sells his creations through eBay only, which makes the prices even higher as people are able to bid on them. However, with the right sized wallet you should be able to find a seller which will agree on parting with his precious nixie watch. This is definitely a must-have in any respectable watch-collector’s collection.

Kopriso “Mi Esposita” Solar Powered Nixie Watch

Solar Powered Nixie Watch

Solar Powered Nixie Watch

Solar Powered Nixie Watch

Solar Powered Nixie Watch

Solar Powered Nixie Watch

Solar Powered Nixie Watch

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