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Lightpack Turns Your TV Into An Immersive Light Show

Lightpack Turns Your TV Into An Immersive Light Show

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When we go to the movie theater, most of us expect a movie experience we have never come across before, right? When the 3D format was introduced, people were ecstatic. As it looks now, we’re looking at an even more immersive movie experience with the upcoming 4D movie format. But what is being done to innovate our home entertainment experience? Not much I reckon. There is some innovation going on, and one that looks promising is the Lightpack lighting system.

There have been products and innovations that have touched the same boundaries and ideas as the Lightpack is based on, but Lightpack is the first affordable solution that I have come across so far. If you’re looking to make your movie experience a whole lot more immersive at home, you might want to have a look at the Lightpack device. It’s one of those really cool devices that is certain to keep you on the edge of your seat when it’s added to your entertainment system.

The Lightpack will add a halo of light around your TV based on the colors on the screen. It’s quite remarkable when you first look at it. Light might not trigger an immediate sensation in your mind when you think about it, but when you experience it, you’ll know it will draw you into the movie even more than it already does. The colors are so perfect and aligned with what’s on the screen that it looks like it makes your entire TV screen bigger.

Lightpack has to be experienced in order to make sense. Even still, watching it on demo videos will impress you to the point where you totally want one. In order to make this product available for around $90.00 to everyone, the project needs funding. Lightpack is currently running a Kickstarter project, and they need to raise $261,962 in order to make this product as cheap and affordable as possible. The cool thing is that with over 29 days to go, the project is already successful since it has raked in a massive $291,000 already. Pledge today and make sure you will get your very own Lightpack for cheap.

Lightpack – Open-Source Content-Driven Lighting System






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