GPS Sports Watch Leikr Will Help You Track Everything

Exercising has almost become a tech fashion trend. No matter how little we exercise, we always want the latest gear to accompany us. There is everything from Bluetooth headbands that will blast music into your ears without the annoying constraints of cords, to shoes that track how many steps you take during each run. I could go on forever listing these things. We can even use our smartphones to keep track of our path through GPS. There are about a million apps that will have you inspired to go the extra mile, but that is the problem. Taking your smartphone with you on a run requires some sort of pocket to keep it in place. There are of course plenty of these, but wouldn’t it be way smarter to house all of these features in a GPS sports watch instead?

This is exactly what a couple of Danish innovators thought when they started work on their Leikr GPS sports watch about a year ago. They wanted to house all of the statistics, counters and GPS tracking features into a sleek GPS sports watch that would enable a more comfortable running experience. Running has never been very comfortable with the smartphone. The wristbands and armbands that are supposed to hold our smartphones in place are never secure enough, and it just seems odd.

The Leikr GPS sports watch could potentially solve all that. The watch has a huge 2-inch screen which displays pretty much everything you would ever want to know about your exercise. It fits snugly on your wrist and the wristband’s design is even carefully rounded in order to allow sweat to drain through it without creating an uncomfortable feeling. The guys behind this GPS sports watch are looking to launch this concept in the U.S. and are seeking funding through Kickstarter. Their goal is to raise $250,000 within 16 days. So far they have been able to amass roughly $165,000 so it could be possible that you will soon see this GPS sports watch in your local gadget store in America. It leaves just one big question…does it play music?

Leikr – Innovative New GPS Sports Watch

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    wow great. Longer battery life with continuous GPS is the way to go.

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