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Lefant Wireless Fly KeyMouse Enables Mid-Air Mouse Control

Lefant Wireless Fly KeyMouse Enables Mid-Air Mouse Control

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If you are a computer geek of epic proportions, you know that sitting at a desk is yesterday’s way of doing things. Today a true geek controls his or her computer from a distance while chilling out. You don’t have to be Tony Stark to sport a gesture controlled operating system of sorts. The question is, what technology should you use in order to achieve this optimizing task? I happened to stumble over the Lefant Wireless USB Fly Mouse recently, which enables mid-air computer mouse control.

In the video, we see the unboxing, installation and usage of the Lefant “air mouse” and how intuitive it is. It’s a neat technology that is no doubt driven by a gyroscope within the device itself. By the looks of things, and I am pretty sure I am right, the device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the computer it is installed and connected to.

The device is completely wireless and is driven by three AAA batteries. As you can see from the photos and the video, the device has a neat keyboard incorporated vertically which gives it an optimized way to hold it when you are typing on it. The keyboard or keypad is also back lit with a nice futuristic blue light which makes it ideal for using when watching movies or operating the computer during a meeting for example.

At the center of the device, you’ll also find the navigation buttons which will help you scroll through the menus if you use it with any software that uses menus, for example, when you’re watching a movie on your computer using a DVD.

The Lefant wireless mouse is actually the third edition of this highly popular device. Another truly impressive aspect of this remote control mouse is that it’s quite cheap as well. If you want to buy one, you will only have to settle for the one color it comes in, black. The price tag lingers around $50.00, depending on where you look. It’s available at different places around the Internet so do a search to see where you can get one closest to you.

Innovative Lefant Wireless USB Fly Mouse

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LEFANT Air Mouse Control

LEFANT Air Mouse Control

LEFANT Air Mouse Control

LEFANT Air Mouse Control

LEFANT Air Mouse Control

LEFANT Air Mouse Control

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