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Turn Signal Bike Gloves Use LED Lights For Visibility

Turn Signal Bike Gloves Use LED Lights For Visibility

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are too many bikers that end up in a ditch because they don’t have the right cycling gear to make themselves visible or because of unaware drivers. It’s something that just shouldn’t happen. There is an increasing amount of gear and wear being innovated right now to help bikers become a little more visible. We have seen a few featured here at Bit Rebels in the last week, but these turn signal bike gloves are probably one of the simplest yet most useful pieces of biker wear one can get.

If you have ever taken a bike ride in the evening, you know how dangerous it can be if you’re not making sure drivers can see you. There are some simple things you can add to your wear in order to be seen (like reflectors). But for a geek, it’s all about accessorizing with the right tech gear, am I right? That’s why I have decided to feature these turn signal bike gloves today. They are off the chart useful and could come to save a whole lot of people from being run down by unaware drivers.

The turn signal bike gloves sport one vital feature, and it’s one that you might not have seen before. By using LED lights, these turn signal gloves have a way of telling drivers exactly where you are going as a biker. All you really have to do is to stretch out your arm, let the turn signal gloves blink for a while and then turn. It’s really as simple as that.

The turn signal is activated by a thumb button which makes the gloves quite unobtrusive and easy to use. Furthermore, the low energy LED lights make the battery last for ages! Or actually, the LED lights will blink for 120 hours, active state, which should allow you to take a whole lot of turns and let the traffic around you know where you are going. Being safe in traffic as a biker is something that we all have to get better at. These turn signal gloves can certainly help us do that. They were created and made available by Doppelgänger and can be acquired over at their website.

Doppelgänger’s Turn Signal Bike Gloves

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