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Latte Art: Innovative Coffee Printer Puts Your Own Face In Your Foam

Latte Art: Innovative Coffee Printer Puts Your Own Face In Your Foam

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Latte art has become popular over the past few years, and as always, people find ways to go above and beyond what’s been created before. First there was incredible latte art meticulously created by talented coffee artists. Then there was 3D latte art which made it look like it was jumping out of the cup. Now latte art has been taken to yet another level. This innovative coffee printer can print your own face, or any picture, in your coffee (based on a photo you upload).

This isn’t technically latte art based on the official definition of what latte art is (because of the process used to create the picture), but it’s still latte art to me. The way it works is relatively simple. You just upload a picture into the coffee printer from your phone. Then the coffee printer will sprinkle tiny bits of cocoa powder or coffee powder (depending on what drink you ordered) to recreate the photo on top of the foam on your coffee.

Unfortunately, unless you live in Taiwan, you won’t be able to experience this for yourself. Right now, these creative coffee printers are only in the Let’s Coffee chain of vending kiosks inside Taiwan’s Family Mart convenient stores. They came up with this idea to help them attract more customers and compete with the larger, more popular places to buy coffee. What a great way to set them apart from their competition.

I could see this type of thing being used for all kinds of purposes. The options are endless. For example, if you were having a morning meeting at your office, you could get a cup of coffee for each person with your company logo on it or an inspiring word. If you are getting married, you could get a personalized cup of coffee for each person in the wedding party. I could go on and on…there’s so many ways this could be used. Love it!

Innovative Coffee Printer Creates Personalized Latte Art

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September 24th, 2013

do you know where we can buy this machine?



October 20th, 2016

where can i buy this machine and how much it cost me


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