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Knight Rider Fan Builds Perfect Replica Of The KITT Car

Knight Rider Fan Builds Perfect Replica Of The KITT Car

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Fans usually take things to a whole new level once they get a creative idea into their manic minds. We have all seen the insanely creative Cosplay costumes, replica builds and all the other things that fans want to bring to our attention when they upload them to the Internet. Some fans take it way beyond the level of fandom, and that’s usually when they go viral. Do you remember Knight Rider? Well, someone went on to build an insane KITT car replica.

People dream a lot about technology, and ever since Knight Rider first aired in the ’80s, people have dreamed about their own indestructible KITT car. For Chris Palmer, the legendary show and car became more than a dream when he decided to create a ‘to the detail’ real replica of the heavily modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. It takes more than a truckload of fandom to build a self-driving, indestructible car like the one in Knight Rider. However, that didn’t stop Chris from realizing his dream.

Diana recently wrote an article about old school science fiction car dashboards, and KITT’s dashboard was mentioned as one of the most eye-catching dashboards from the ’80s. Chris spent over 3 years building the car. His initial motivation was of course, as any geek would put it, because he thought KITT was the coolest car in existence. But that wasn’t the only reason he built it. Chris also wanted to create a car that would cater to people’s fascination of the show and imagination.

Chris is regularly seen allowing people to jump into his car, take photos, press the buttons and get a little bit of that Knight Rider nostalgia. That is something that most car builders would never do because of their fear of having someone break something. Watch the video and let the Knight Rider nostalgia wash over you like tomorrow’s rain. Even today, new cars haven’t been able to beat the awesomeness of the exterior and the interior of the Knight Rider car named KITT.

Chris Palmer’s Knight Rider KITT Car Replica

Knight Rider Custom Build

Knight Rider Custom Build

Knight Rider Custom Build

Knight Rider Custom Build

Knight Rider Custom Build

Via: [Oddity Central]

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One Comment

Jay Farrow

January 1st, 2014

I got to sit in one KITT actually used in the show. It was on display at Universal Studios in California back in 1984! They even had someone play the voice of KITT an would have a conversation with you! I loved that car!


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