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KNEX Skeeball Machine Is An Epic Feat In Engineering

KNEX Skeeball Machine Is An Epic Feat In Engineering

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I just love all things technology. Whether it is the latest and greatest watch or some kind of epic advanced LEGO build, I am all over it. I might not always like what I find, but technology deserves to be checked out and thoroughly investigated. Who knows, it could have a feature that is perfectly suited for you which will completely reinvent the way you do things. That doesn’t really happen very often, but when it does, it’s a totally unique and awesome feeling. For example, check out knex (K’NEX) mastermind Shadowman39‘s awesome build. If you can’t afford to buy a real pinball machine, or in this case, a Skeeball machine, just build your own out of knex.

I have personally always been a big fan of people who don’t have creative limits. When they tinker and produce stuff, there is no telling what will come out of it. There is always something that comes along that you never in a million years would have thought could be done, at least not with LEGO, paper or even knex. In this case, Shadowman39 put together a feat of marvel. With just knex, he’s been able to build a complete and working Skeeball machine, which I am sure you could spend hours and hours on trying beat your high score.

The block (piece) count of this insane build is unknown, but the build in itself should be impressive enough to be called epic. Shadowman39 has only been able to score the 1,000 point hole twice so far, which should stand as a testament to this solid and completely badass build. He has never seen anyone else score that so far, but I guess that has to do with the fact that it is standing in his house. This knex project is insane in every aspect and definitely deserves a place in our ever growing vault of awesome creations. Even though this seem like one of the most epic builds never destined to be beaten, we here at Bit Rebels are quite sure that someone is already working on his or her own knex build that will overshadow this one. That has always been the case, and it will most likely continue for years to come.

Epic Skeeball Knex Build





Via: [DVICE]

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