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Accessory Charger For iPhone Is So Small That It Fits On Your Keychain

Accessory Charger For iPhone Is So Small That It Fits On Your Keychain

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Let’s talk a little about smartphone chargers, shall we? It seems everyone wants to create the smallest and most powerful charger on the market. It’s something that has become quite a ridiculous endeavor if you ask me since some of these chargers are too small and too weak to push any kind of power into our smartphones. What we need is something that can help power it as an accessory. You know, like a thing you can take with you anytime, like an accessory charger.

You are probably going, what the frick is he talking about? To some extent I understand what you mean, but when you see what I am going to share with you in this article, I am sure you will understand. The accessory charger comes from a company by the name of BlueLounge, and it could be described as an all accessory charger. It’s not so much a charger per say, but an accessory charger. It’s a tiny little thing you can put on your keychain. When it’s connected to your iPhone, it will allow you to charge your phone with the help of your laptop for example.

It is called Kii, and it will plug in and sync your iPhone with any computer. Of course it has the Lightning connector, but it also has the 30-pin connector that will enable you to use it with your older iPhone. It’s the perfect accessory charger if you are transitioning iOS devices, and it will of course have you charged up no matter where you are, depending on what laptop or computer you are close to.

The Kii accessory charger costs between $19.95 and $39.95, depending on what version you want. Even though it is not recommended for use with iMac or Desktop computers, it can still become somewhat useful even if you don’t have a laptop around. As you have probably already figured out, the Kii accessory charger is best used with laptops. If you want to stay charged up, then you should totally read up on all the benefits and facts about this quite intriguing little device.

BlueLounge’s iPhone Accessory Charger Kii







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