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Kapture Smartwatch Is The Next Step In Wearable Technology

Kapture Smartwatch Is The Next Step In Wearable Technology

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The world has entered a new stage of technology, the wearable era. Previously the only wearable technology we could even remotely call wearable was the Walkman. Times have changed, and now we’re used to seeing all kinds of stuff that is supposed to make our lives a whole lot easier to live. We’re all waiting for the advanced smartwatches to enter our lives. What will they add to the table? The Kapture smartwatch has a feature that most of us didn’t expect.

We have written a lot about Kickstarter projects here on Bit Rebels. Some go on to become truly successful gadgets and devices while some fade away as soon as their Kickstarter campaign is over. When it comes to Kapture, it’s a little bit different. Kapture is not yet on Kickstarter (however it will be on the 3rd of September), yet it has managed to raise $300,000 in seed funding. In order to finalize the Kapture smartwatch, the developers need to raise another $150,000 through crowdfunding.

Kapture is a smartwatch with a feature that to some people might come in from a slightly different angle. What would you say if I told you that you could have a smartwatch that always, constantly and continuously recording every sound around you? The first thing you are probably thinking is that it’s not possible since there wouldn’t be enough space to store it, right? Well, this is not exactly what it is all made out to be. The Kapture watch continuously records audio, but it only preserves the most recent 60 seconds of it.

What’s this good for? I have tried to find a couple of useful reasons for why you would want to record the audio around you, and one that I can think of is to of course record anything funny that is happening. This way you could save and upload it to the Internet for everyone to enjoy. I am wondering whether audio is as amusing as videos though. I guess it all depends on the content, right?

The Kapture smartwatch might not seem very useful to you at this very moment, but there are many different useful areas where this smartwatch would be mighty applicable. You can find more pictures and information about the Kapture smartwatch on their official Facebook page before the actual Kickstarter campaign starts.

Kapture – The Constantly Recording Smartwatch





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