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Just Delete Me: Helps You Erase Your Online Presence

Just Delete Me: Helps You Erase Your Online Presence

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

How many times have you signed up for an online service and then wondered how hard it would be to delete your account? Not many, right? That is the thing, some online services try their hardest to discourage people from deleting their accounts. Some even go as far as making you call them in order to delete your account. In other words, there is no delete account option or form online. This is exactly what a new online service called Just Delete Me wants to help you with.

When I first read about this service, I was kind of excited. I thought this service would make a lot of people happy. Don’t get me wrong, it will. But the Just Delete Me service is not exactly what its made out to be by the media. Just Delete Me doesn’t really help you delete your online presence as the title suggests (I know, but hang in there…). It is a directory that tells you how hard it will be for you to delete your account once you have signed up for it.

Sometimes the online services even hide their delete account page or form to further discourage people from deleting their accounts. What’s great about Just Delete Me is that this directory will help direct you to the right delete account page for the service you want to delete your account on.

It would of course be awesome if you could just press one button and the service would do it all for you, but that would take a lot of information to be stored over at Just Delete Me, and that is not always a good tradeoff if you want to delete information off the Internet. Instead, this service will help you understand how hard it will be for you to actually delete your account once you have signed up for one.

So far Just Delete Me guides you through the deletion of around 100 social networking services and will supply you with various information for a few of them. This is a great service to anyone, and it’s a website worth bookmarking for sure. Once you have decided that a service is just not that good anymore or you’ve simply gotten tired of all the huff and puff around it, just use this guide and service to delete your online presence. It is simple to use and definitely a useful tool for anyone looking to delete themselves from the online world.

Just Delete Me – Erase Yourself Online

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dealia porter

June 12th, 2017

i want to delete my personal info on line,please help me

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