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iSteady Shot M27: iPhone Case That Gives You Wide Angled Photos

iSteady Shot M27: iPhone Case That Gives You Wide Angled Photos

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The iPhone has rapidly become the most popular camera device on the Internet, and each day there are millions and millions of photographs uploaded. The quality of the pictures the iPhone camera takes is however not even close to the quality of a professional camera, and that gives it a little bit of a bad reputation among photographers. But as with everything, the iPhone camera is going to get better and better, and in time, it will definitely be able to rival the professional gear that is out there today. The pixel ratio is still too low to compare, but the pictures are sharp and there are a lot of apps that can enhance the look and feel of the photographs quite easily.

There are accessories out there that will totally make the experience with the iPhone camera a whole lot more professional. The photos themselves might not compare, but the wide range of gadgets and tools will certainly help bring another perspective to your photos. Just take the newly announced M27 iPhone Case for example. It’s one of those really geeky ways you can add some professional quality to your photos with actual technology.

If you ever wanted to take a wide angled photo with the iPhone, you have to stitch the photos together. That is not only time consuming and boring but also sometimes impossible, if you’re on a rocking boat for example. This new case will ensure perfect wide angle photos, and it also sports a stabilizer in the form of sturdy handgrips on each side. The case is priced at $99 and is available right now over at the manufacturer iSteady‘s website. There is always room for more gadgets when it comes to the iPhone. The accessories are quickly making it the perfect second camera if you want to mix it up a little in your photography sessions.






Via: [OhGizmo!]

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