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iPhone Mug Case: Never Loosen The Coffee Cup Grip

iPhone Mug Case: Never Loosen The Coffee Cup Grip

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are days when the coffee or tea cup seems to be stuck to your hand in order to keep you working. Any job, if done for a long time, requires a reboot every once in a while. Most people have learned to do just that with a cup of coffee. For people who spend a lot of time in front of the screen, a cup of coffee is almost a must. But the grip around that handle has to come off every once in a while for work to get done, or does it? Well, not really. I have friends who are seemingly glued to their coffee cup. No matter where they are, they always seem to have a cup of coffee with them. If you’re a heavy smartphone user that could impose a problem, but no problem is too hard to solve for a creative mind. Maybe that is why the iPhone mug case was born.

It’s a case that mimics half a mug which you insert your iPhone into. This iPhone mug case is made out of rubber and will ensure that you don’t have to loosen the iron grip on your mug for a very long time. Just keep switching, and you will be all good to go. It is currently being made available by Amazon for the geeky price of around $1.50 and up. The price varies depending on what color you want on your mug case.

This is certainly a great gift if you know anyone who is heavy coffee drinker. It’s quite a useful one too. There are some very quirky iPhone cases out there, but this one is definitely in the top 10 of the geekiest. Just the thought of busting one of these out from my pocket in public makes me laugh out loud. There’s no doubt it will spawn some rather interesting conversations about why someone would create one of these geeky iPhone mug cases. Well it is here, and it has many really useful hidden features, so someone must have had a fun time creating it. Now it’s up to us to use it.

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Pam Jennings

February 11th, 2013

When will a case be made 2 fit the iPhone 5

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