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iPhone Polaroid Innovation Is The Ultimate Photo Accessory

iPhone Polaroid Innovation Is The Ultimate Photo Accessory

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If you have been using the iPhone as your primary camera for a while, and if you’ve pretty much checked out all of the photo apps available, things can get a little bit boring after a while. After people have used every filter there is to use, they usually starting looking for accessories for their iPhone. With a looming new iPhone hopefully presented tomorrow, there may be a whole lot more features we’ll get access to. However, the instant photo to paper is no where near being incorporated into the iPhone. I don’t think that will ever happen to be honest. Polaroid pictures have always had their own place in our hearts, and maybe that has something to with the instant materialization. You might even ask how long it will be until we’ll see an iPhone Polaroid solution become a reality, right?

Some people would probably say never, but today I can reveal to you that it somewhat already exists. The new Impossible Instant Lab iPhone accessory is the ultimate Polaroid solution for an experimenting photographer. It is currently being developed, and you can help it along and at the same time get your own by pledging to its Kickstarter project. How exciting would it be to get instant pictures from your iPhone photos? I mean, it would be like having your own photo lab right there in your bag!

However, it is not a pocket solution by any means. But it’s not too big either, and it would fit perfectly in your bag while traveling. You can go about shooting your photos in a regular manner just like you always do with your iPhone. When you feel you have enough photos, and you want to print them out, just use this iPhone Polaroid solution and you will get instant Polaroid pictures. How cool is that! This iPhone Polaroid camera accessory is certainly going to make a whole lot of people happy. Never before has the iPhone been able to produce such beautiful and instant Polaroid pictures like this iPhone Polaroid solution.

This thing deserves all the attention any startup could get. It’s a great concept, and I am sure it will be huge among iPhone Polaroid photo fanatics. Once again, we can create scrapbooks and albums out of instant Polaroids that some said where just an old school photographer’s dream. Well, now it is real, and this iPhone Polaroid solution is definitely going to change the game when it comes to taking pictures on the iPhone. With the new iPhone, it might even mean there will be even better quality Polaroids with this iPhone Polaroid solution. Genius!

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January 28th, 2013

Getting paid for this one, eh? How many times do you have to mention the product’s full name? Jeez, lighten it up a little when you use the iPhone Polaroid Solution.

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