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Onscreen Keyboard Spike Makes For Physical Typing On The iPhone

Onscreen Keyboard Spike Makes For Physical Typing On The iPhone

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When the iPhone was first announced and released, many people didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon because of the simple fact that it didn’t have a physical keyboard. The touchscreen keyboard kept people fumbling, and it just didn’t make sense, or so they thought. Soon people started migrating from their physical keyboard device to the iPhone. After all, it had so much more screen to work with. But there are still people who are hesitant to migrate to a touchscreen phone. There have been a lot of different gadgets made available for those people. None of those gadgets would convince people to choose the iPhone instead. A new physical onscreen keyboard called Spike could possibly change all that though.

It all comes down to whether it is good enough to type on while being simple enough to remove and tuck out of the way. Those are pretty much the two things that matter. Spike has a unique approach. Instead of incorporating a lot of unnecessary technology and parts, it is embedded into an iPhone case that is super slim. This enables the physical onscreen keyboard to be swiveled to the side (Spike 1) or all the way to the back (Spike 2).

The company behind the Spike physical iPhone onscreen keyboard, SoloMatrix, has been around for decades. They have always been keen on refining keyboards for optimized usage. That’s probably why the Spike physical onscreen keyboard is so sleek. SoloMatrix had a fundraising run on Kickstarter which was more than successful. The Spike onscreen keyboard is now fully funded, and you can get one of these onscreen keyboards sometime during 2013. Spike 1 will retail for $30.00 and Spike 2 will retail for $60.00 when they are launched. I guess there are no more reasons for people not to switch over to the iPhone now, right? Well, that is if you like its features. The Spike onscreen keyboard is definitely the coolest physical iPhone keyboard we have seen here at Bit Rebels. It’s definitely worth checking it out.

Spike Physical Onscreen Keyboard iPhone Case

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