iPhone 6 Leaked And Presented A Week In Advance

The next Apple event is but a few days away, and it is apparent that something is brewing behind the scenes. The event has been hyped more than any other event in years, and it is easy to see why people are getting anxious to see what Apple has in store for us this time around. Many people are saying that we will be seeing an iWatch but that it will not be available for quite some time. Sure is that Apple will definitely present the iPhone 6, and it could be a good one.

There might be a little kink in all the hype however, and that is that Rozetked, a steaming hot tech news distributor, has allegedly gotten their hands on an iPhone 6, and it looks like the real deal. If it is, then it is safe to say that Apple has certainly loosened up on their seemingly almost impenetrable security measure to keep their future announcements safe from prying eyes.

It is impossible to say if this iPhone 6 is 100% the real deal. However; it certainly looks like the rumored iPhone 6 and most of the leaked parts are present in the design. Even when the phone is tore apart, just to prove that it is in fact the real deal, it makes it an even more plausible product.

As rumored, the iPhone 6 is larger, thinner and is using a new kind of metal that is harder to scratch and, to some extent, heals itself should it be scratched. With just a few days until the Apple event of the year opens their flagship product could have already been deflated. Then again, it has also been rumored that this is exactly how Apple is working when they are in the final stages of hyping a product. The publicity they receive when something is “leaked” is invaluable and could be, according to analysts around the world, just another trick that Apple utilizes to make sure the word about their products gets into the rumor mill.

Either way, if this is in fact the new iPhone 6 it could take the market by storm. A larger more powerful iPhone has been craved by millions of iPhone users, and this might be the one that puts Apple back in the top of companies pushing innovation.

So what about the iWatch? Well, it is doubtful that Apple will put their wearable technology on the market this year, however presenting it is a whole different thing. Many people are still sceptical that Apple will ever announce an iWatch, but the market could definitely do with another player ready to push innovation forward. In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak preview of the rumored iPhone 6. WHat do you think, is it the real deal?

iPhone 6 – Sneak Peek Pre-Event Presentation

iPhone 6 Leaked Presentation

iPhone 6 Leaked Presentation

iPhone 6 Leaked Presentation

iPhone 6 Leaked Presentation

iPhone 6 Leaked Presentation


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    Gareth Waters 4 years

    Certainly looks the real deal (hopefully it is!) The larger screen I think is a positive step forward, only a matter of time until we find out I guess!

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