Is This How The iPhone 5S & iPhone Mini Might Look?

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The rumor mills are in full motion once again. There’s no doubt Apple will announce something this year, but will it be the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or perhaps the iPhone Mini? It’s impossible to say really. People are speculating about it, and with that comes rumors – Rumors that grow strong when amplified by blog posts and video renders. It’s like every expectation we might have started out with is too lame to even consider. Instead, we want to believe that the new iPhone will have features that will blow any competition out of the water. I keep asking myself if it is our own faults that we are continuously disappointed due to our own exaggerated and insane expectations. Or, if it is actually Apple who has set themselves up for people’s high expectations.

Whether or not we will see an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 6 or even an iPhone Mini (which is said to be a cheaper version of the iPhone) this year doesn’t matter. The question is what will they look like when they are released? There is a lot of pressure on Apple at this very moment. False rumors of dwindling iPhone demands and inaccurate reporting of the reasons why Apple cut component demand has left Apple with a stock price showing a negative trend. It’s something that is not in line with their own sales charts.

So what will happen now? Will Apple rush to its own aid to try and release an iPhone that is half as good as it could have been? Are they stressed while trying to make sure they do not drop the ball once more? There are a million questions that seemingly only Apple can answer. One thing is for sure though, Apple is in no way in financial trouble. Their cash vaults are well stocked thanks to years and years of successful products and services. The only thing Apple really has to do right now is make sure they are focused on bringing their many customers the best and most innovative products they could ever imagine. One such product could very well be the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or even the iPhone Mini. But once again, what will they look like? Are these mockups by Martin uit Utrecht possibly in line with Apple’s secret developments? Or, does Apple have something entirely different than the iPhone 5S in store for us this year? Only time will tell.

Martin uit Utrecht’s iPhone 5S & iPhone Mini Mockups






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