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Feature Expectations Shown In Radical iPhone 5S Video

Feature Expectations Shown In Radical iPhone 5S Video

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Once again it has started. The buzz about the iPhone 5S is in full swing, and the debate, as usual, swirls around what features Apple will come up with next. Are they able to present something we haven’t seen before, or will it be yet another upgrade of the specs? As usual, the experts are playing down any high-flying expectations. But Apple fanboys bring on almost otherworldly ideas about what Apple might present. It is rumored that Apple will launch yet another iPhone iteration this year. I guess only Apple knows whether or not that is true. One thing is for sure though, and that is that the iPhone has become a focal point for Apple investors. If there is any doubt about its strength as a product, the stock will take a huge hit.

When Apple cut demand on certain iPhone 5 components last week, investors answered bluntly by selling stock which sent it on a downwards trend. It is currently sniffing on the $500.00 mark, which it hasn’t done in over a year. Is Apple in trouble or are investors just a little shaky due to an indecisive market? After all, the iPhone 5 didn’t really have that many features to appeal iPhone 4/4S users to upgrade. The bigger screen and the spec upgrades didn’t really impress that much.

If Apple is once again going to take the role as a beacon in the smartphone industry, they will have to do something radical – Something that will capture the imaginations and inspiration of everyone who has ever been mesmerized by their products. What that would be is of course almost impossible to predict. Maybe the imagined iPhone 5S concept design by Fran_Snk is along the line of what Apple needs to come up with if they want to impress people. A large part of me is saying that it’s not really Apple who has to step up their game, but us who needs to lower our expectations about what Apple will be able to produce. Maybe Apple is already innovating on the edge of reality, and it’s just us who can’t seem to hold back on our imaginations. Either way, this iPhone 5S concept video has me expecting all kinds of features on the upcoming iPhone 5S. Are we really sure there’s even going to be an iPhone 5S?

Frank Snk’s iPhone 5S Feature Expectations

(Click To Enlarge)







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