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iPhone 5: The Most Likely Ideas Bundled Into A Phone

iPhone 5: The Most Likely Ideas Bundled Into A Phone

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Ever since the first concept ideas arrived on the Internet for the iPhone 4, a huge debate started about whether some of them were actually real. Well, as it turned out, once Gizmodo revealed the iPhone in a huge controversial article series, we realized there was no predicting the exact future. Even though this was an example of a truly amazing showcase of some graphical skills that were out of this world, none of the concept ideas really seemed to fall in line with Apple‘s previous models of the iPhone. And, to top it all off, the iPhone 4 was a complete fail according to a lot of people. This is mostly due to the faulty antenna that Apple profusely tried to adjust by giving customers free cases that would enhance its power.

Now we’re awaiting the iPhone 5, and I can imagine that the security behind those walls is insanely tight. Still we like to guess the future, and already there have been a lot of different concept ideas on the Internet portraying the next model of the critically acclaimed (not including the iPhone 4) smartphone. So what will the iPhone 5 look like? Well, of course nobody in the free world knows, and there can be only speculations to what features it will have.

There is; however, a growing list of probable features that by all means should be included on the new iPhone 5. That list has been modified, refined and modified again by a huge number of “know-it-alls” to get it as close to the real thing as possible. And that list of features ended up in the hands of conceptual artist Michal Bonikowski who immediately set out to create the much awaited iPhone as a 3D model he could flip, rotate and turn whatever way he wanted. The result is nothing less than amazing, and now there is only one question remaining. Will this be the new iPhone 5? Well, have a look at it, and tell me what you think. I think it looks awesome in every way! PS: Many people will probably ask what the feature list is, and we would like to know too. This is just a concept design of the iPhone 5 with those features in mind; however, we haven’t been able to track down the list yet!

iPhone 5 Conceptual 3D Model

iPhone 5 Conceptual 3D Model

iPhone 5 Conceptual 3D Model

iPhone 5 Conceptual 3D Model

iPhone 5 Conceptual 3D Model

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